Hi,This is Xing(Marvin) Fan!

I got my bachelor degree in Communication Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT) from 2009-2013. And I am pursuing my Master of Optics in Institute of Optics, University of Rochester.

I have worked in State Key Laboratory of Information Photonics and Optical Communications(IPOC, BUPT), with concentration on optical communication. And I worked at Beijing HaoHanShenDu Information Technology Development Co. Ltd as an intern. My research interests are optical science, communication system, sensor network. And I am also interested in data visualization and computer science. I love books(especially science fiction) and computer skills.

你好,我是樊星(Marvin,这个名字取自银河系漫游指南里那个可爱的机器人)毕业于北京邮电大学(2009-2013)。我现在在罗切斯特大学光学院攻读我的光学硕士学位。我曾就职于北京邮电大学信息光子学与光通信国家重点实验室和北京浩瀚深度信息技术股份有限公司。 关注点是光科学、通信系统、自由光通信、数据可视化和计算机科学。 爱读书,爱科幻。

This is my Resume ^ ^

You may email me: Marvin.Fanxing@gmail.com