Challenges and Opportunities in Optical Communications

by Professor Rongqing Hui, EE&CS, the University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas


  • 1. Motivation of university research(focus on academics or compete with industry)
  • 2. Require revolutionary ideas to push the envelop(how not to be incremental)
  • 3. Motivation of going to higher data rates(application)
  • 4. Diversified services and traffic patterns
  • 5. Bottle necks in aggregation and access
  • 6. Self consistent, plug-&-play optical networking
  • 7. How to reduce the cost and energy consumption(especially in metro, access and data centers)
  • 8. Require enabling photonics devices to more back from electronics dominated DSP to photonics


  • 1. Ride on the wave of CMOS technologies: enabling high speed DSP in electronics domain
  • 2. Coherent technology with high quality tunable lasers
  • 3. Advanced modulation formats utilizing high speed DSP
  • 4. 40G, 100G, 400G per wavelength, and beyond
  • 5. Elastic bandwidth optical networking
  • 6. New applications and services (Data centers, 3D, HD and holographic video, U-tubs, medical, tele-presence, work from homeā€¦)
  • 7. Silicon photonics and large scale photonics integration
  • 8. Improved capability of nano fabrication
  • 9. Very large scale photonics integration(VLSPI): Parallelism and massive redundancy
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